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8 Funny & Heart-Warming Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

So things were a little bit slow in the office one day and some bright spark suggested we trawl the web for the cutest, funniest and in some cases rudest pregnancy announcement photo ideas.
After much laughter (and not alot of productive work) we drilled it down to these seven, we hope they make you laugh and smile as much as we did.

Movie Themes

This one ticks all the boxes, it's funny, well put together and instantly recognisable.28 days late

Double Trouble

I think this one got the biggest laugh in the office.Expecting twins

The Photo that Makes you go Awww

There's always one, and folks...this is it. We are pretty sure this is the cutest pregnancy announcement photo idea we have ever seen.A baby bump dressed as a present

Is this the Best Baby Announcement Wording you have ever Read?

If we had to pick the perfect wording for a pregnancy announcement this would be it! The photo also has very high production quality.Is this the best pregnancy announcement wording?

Santa's Special Deliveries

Christmas is a great time to share good news and here are some fantastic festive themed pregnancy announcements.Xmas themed pregnancy announcements

Only Child Syndrome

Enjoying the status of being an only child can be hard to give up for some tiny tots.Only child status expiring

The Slightly Distasteful but still very Funny Photo

Yeh, we know...we shouldn't...but we did.Slightly distasteful but very funny

Pregnant Belly vs Beer Belly

A few in the office could use this as their pregnancy announcement!Pregnant vs beer belly

- Posted by Hannah McAllister

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