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The Perfect Thank You Wording for your Baby Cards

Whats the best approach to thank you wording in a baby card?

Welcoming a baby to the world is one of life's landmark events and as a new parent you'll want to ensure that everything is perfect - from the new crib and baby's first outfit to the pink-or-blue-painted nursery and the baby thank you card wording sent to friends and family. At a time when sleep and free time are both a precious commodity for mum and dad, it's important not to overlook the value of sending a thank you card to those who have sent flowers, teddy bears or other gifts to welcome your latest addition into the world.
This handy guide to pitch-perfect baby thank you cards wording provides some useful tips and time saving suggestions on how best to thank everyone who has taken time out to send a present.

Add a baby photo to your thank you card to create a keepsake

If you haven't had time to send a thank you card out to everyone but are keen to include friends and family in the celebrations, simply including a lovely image of baby on the thank you card itself will do the trick.
Often brothers and sisters will want to feel involved and may even have received a token gift from relatives themselves to soften the blow of baby getting spoilt.
Consider adding a picture of the whole family so siblings don't feel left out. Recipients will also treasure knowing that their gift or kind words are appreciated by the entire household.

How to add a baby photo to your thank you card

Of course, you'll also want to add some heartfelt baby thank you card wording

You may want to add additional extras such as the weight and name of your new born but the focus of a thank you card should always be the thank you wording itself.
With many new parents inundated with cards, gifts, flowers, balloons, toys and clothes to help welcome their arrival taking the time to convey your heartfelt gratitude to those who have been kind enough to buy a gift for the little one is an easy way to repay their generosity.
Many parents like to choose a verse or small poem to use on their baby thank you card - and if you have a favourite quote or lyrics which are appropriate to the situation, this can be a real time saver as well as being incredibly meaningful.
Verses or passages can be gender specific or can incorporate the name of the new arrival to make the card even more personal to them.
Religious families can include a reference to their faith; 'Behold, children are a gift of the Lord' from Psalms 127.3 is an enduringly popular choice. Some families even like to have a little fun with the verses on their cards. "One son/daughter was so much fun, we thought we'd have another one!" is a sweet and inclusive way to make an older sibling feel like they are a part of this exciting process.
Families will often want to add a creative touch and inject their own personality into the card either through via a poem, a verse, a song lyric or simply some of their own thoughts.
Some mums and dads even make up their own rhymes or use a favourite nursery rhyme to add a personal touch but, if creativity isn't your forte or if you simply don't have time, a simple thank you works every time.
We have included a few suggestions of baby thank you card wording below but keep in mind; the sky really is the limit.

The perfect words to say thank you for new baby gifts

Here are 6 generic baby thank you cards wording examples

"[Insert baby's name here] and his/her new family send a great big thank you for your wonderful gift."

"Team [Insert family name here] would like send a masssive thank you to all of you!"

"[Insert baby's name here] would like to thank you for your wonderful gift and can't wait to meet you in person!"

"Baby [insert name here], [insert parent's name here ] and [insert sibling's name(s) here] would like to thank you for your kind words and gifts at this special time"

"[insert parents names here] and baby [insert baby name here] thank you for your thoughtful gifts at this special time"

"Thank you so much for your wonderful gift which is much loved by [insert baby name here]"

Hopefully we have sparked your creativity so feel free to browse our baby boys and girls thank you card templates.

- Posted by Hannah McAllister

Some examples of thank you wording for baby gifts

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